Could Rosberg Be the 2016 Formula 1 Grand Prix Champion in Waiting?

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May 112016

Nico-Rosberg-F1-Australian-Grand-PrixIt is a game every fan likes to play once a new Formula One season kicks in. The guessing game starts right from the first race and for the 2016 season, the Australian GP provided quite the chance to point out who was driving like a champion. Well, Nico Rosberg snatched a win after his teammate and closest challenger for the title Lewis Hamilton fluffed his chances.

So, is it possible that the three races Rosberg has won can actually provide the impetus to make him a champion? Well, you just have to look at other factors that are making his winning style so remarkably easy to answer this. Here you go:

1.      The Luck Factor

However much every F1 driver wants to discredit the aspect of luck, it is obvious that some situations just align to give a particular driver victory. Take, for instance, Rosberg’s win in China and Bahrain and you realize that he was guaranteed a win despite the chaos behind him. In China particularly, Ricciardo was just unlucky to get that puncture and probably might have fought for a podium finish if not a win.

2.      Spectacular Driving

While Hamilton is known for his dare devil driving commonly compared to that of Senna’s, Rosberg makes it cool. For the last six races, the German has fought his own battles without concentrating too much on Lewis Hamilton. This has been attributed to his perfect form and if he keeps this up you can bet this season’s champion is already being molded.

3.      Hamilton’s Woes

Lewis Hamilton has experienced a woeful start to his title defense and it seems to be rattling his nerves. For all his showmanship, every F1 driver understands that catch-up is never easy. His slow starts coupled with his car problems have consigned him to fight backs and in Shanghai, he was not even on the podium. With a gap of 36 points already being opened Hamilton might be forced to make more errors as he tries to catch-up just like Rosberg did in the later stages of the 2015 F1 season.

4.      The Title Championship Hunger

For two years, Nico Rosberg has seen the title snatched by Hamilton. In the 2014 season, the situation got acrimonious to a point where the two almost jeopardized their team’s chances.  The incidents at the Hungary and Monaco GPs in 2014 highlight Rosberg’s thirst for a first title. He is older in F1 than Lewis and definitely knows this is the perfect car to give him the title. The bottom-line is that Rosberg is going to try and pull away from the rest of the field as fast as possible.

Image25.      Team Support

The fact that Mercedes is allowing the rival drivers to enjoy their races and giving them public support is just perfect for fans. Forget the claims by Hamilton in the 2015 F1 season that Rosberg was being treated specially. This year, the Toto Wolff and the rest of the team have vowed to allow the two to race all-out as long as it doesn’t compromise the team’s long-term strategy.

It might be too early to say Nico Rosberg will be 2016 Formula One champion, but one thing is clear; the stars just seem to be perfectly aligned for him.